We stock a small range of Lamb and Mutton. Brands vary.

This is Australian Mutton Leg with the patella bone left in. Chump on and shank off. They are individually wrapped. Average case weight 27kg. Halal.

Australian Lamb
Often called Long Leg, this product is individually wrapped. Average case weight 20kg. Halal.

New Zealand Lamb
Short cut New Zealand Lamb Leg. Chump on and shank trimmed. These are smaller and tenderer than the Australian Lamb Legs. Average case weight 17kg. Halal.

Boneless Lamb Legs
A chump on and shank off Lamb Leg, tunnel boned and vacuum packed. A little more expensive than the bone in, but then you are paying only for meat. Average case weight 18kg. Halal.

Lamb Shanks
New Zealand hind lamb shanks. Vacuumed packed in two's or three's depending on availability. Each shank weighs between 300/450g (although weights can vary) giving an average case weight of 13kg. Halal.

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