Campaign for quality

A life long commitment to food quality

The Dovey family has always been about providing customers with straightforward, good quality chicken products. Unfortunately, that's not a commitment much of the poultry industry seems to adhere to.

Did you know that chicken can, quite legally, be bulked up with water to increase its weight by up to 35-40%? Did you know that the water is often held in place with powders containing animal proteins? Did you know that this process can be made undetectable – even to DNA testing?

We don't just pay lip service to food quality. In fact our MD, Geoffrey Dovey, first lobbied the UK Government on this issue as far back as 1998. He has since become an advocate for quality food, taking his argument to the EU, advising the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and regularly commenting on issues in the media.

You'll often find Geoffrey popping up in the quality press, appearing on the BBC's Panorama or being interviewed by Radio 4's Today programme. Take a look at our Values and you'll know why.

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